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Advertising Art Director talk

Two positions that were mentioned were market research and creative design. I found market research interesting. The reasoning for this is seeing how an audience responds to a product and gathering data to see how a product should be advertised is interesting. I found...

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Framingham State ASC

Today I went to Framingham State University. I saw the Academic Center that they had. It was just like the one in my high school. They are open during the weekday and on Sunday. You can go there to take tests and mentoring.

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WCVB Channel 5

Today I visited channel 5. There is the news desk that keeps on top of breaking news. There is also the master control that is maned 24/7' that's in charge of keeping tack of schedualing. Most of there programming is provided by outside sources since they are an ABC...

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The Web and Accessibility

The internet is a broad place that everyone should have access to. A website shouldn't be made so thata only people that can see can access it to the fullest. Web developers should include tags that allow blind and visually impaired persons to be able to get a...

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